More than 9 o'clock even more! ★ OK without reservation ★ 2 hours 80 kinds all-you-can-drink course ⇒ 1500 yen including tax


The price is tax-included price.

About 80 kinds of dumplings and high balls, chewy, fruit wine, cocktails, shochu, sake etc.Of course, alcohol is also ♪ content that you can enjoy enough ♪

Secretary-san is relieved ☆ On-site reservation OK! F & S & Single dish order not required !!
(Seat 2 H system / all you can drink with LO 90 min)

The banquet is decided by "Tomorrow and Tornado"!

Kirin's best squeezing shando gaff

Horn Ball Ginger High Kiwi High Bowl Yuzu High Ball Cork Harley Port Highball

(Shochu and Japanese sake)
Kawarazaki Kuro Kirishima Kozue Takan Ruizumi Awamori Kikumasa (heat and cold)

Cassis Orange Cassis Oolong Fuzzy Noble Apple Cider Lychee Cider Peach Oolong
Strawberry Milk Caramilk Gin Tonic Moscow Mortar Screw Driver Nippon Gin

(Fruit wine)
Plum wine apricot apple sauce Lemon liquor litchi liquor Yamanako sake

(Chu Hai)
Lemon lime citron grapefruit blue apple giant peach strawberry Calpis
Cassis red sea ome plus muscat Yubari Mellon Peach Orange Lychee Pine

Oolong tea cola Calpis Calpis soda melon soda cider orange squash gureful squash peach squash
Lemon squash Orange juice Lemon water ginger ale ginger ginger apple juice pine juice
Tomato juice milk banana milk melon milk strawberry milk Uji tea milk

Coupon that can be used

  • More after 9 o'clock! ★ Also available on the day ★ OK ★
    2 hour system 80 kinds single item all you can drink ⇒ ⇒ 1500 yen including tax

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking
    • Conditions of use
      Other ticket services not be used / 1 set one / two persons one or more times
    • Expiration date
      Until the end of September, 2017